Wekan Meteor 1.4 and Node.js v4.x version on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit desktop, Gnome fallback, in VirtualBox

2017-12-20: Release 29 of VM.

Download mirrors

Google Drive:



China Baiduyun (中国百度云):

Wekan-0.63.ova has:

You can enlarge it with VBoxManage command and then starting with LiveCD iso deleting logical swap and extended and resizing and creating extended and inside it logical swap.

Size of this VirtualBox image has been reduced:

Use 7zip (Windows) or p7zip (Linux etc) to unarchive.


When using VirtualBox bridged mode, you can browse from other computer to http://ipadress to use Wekan. Node runs on port 80 and is started from /etc/rc.local on boot. See also README.txt at Ubuntu desktop, scripts at ~/repos directory, and /home/wekan/.bash_history how it was installed, including typos :)

To login to the virtual machine with ssh port 22:

username: wekan

password: wekan

Install VirtualBox

VirtualBox is available for example Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris from:

How to use

a) Import Virtual Appliance .ova

b) Extract .ova to use as .vmdk for virtualization raw .img for Qubes OS:

These settings are for example with VirtualBox:


If you select NAT to keep virtual machine using same address as your server:


Then you can also setup port forwarding to Wekan VM port 8080:


2) Start VM

3) To access Wekan on local network, setup ROOT_URL to your IP address at /home/wekan/repos/ inside VM.

cd repos



4) Add have there your IP address, for example:

export ROOT_URL=

export MAIL_URL=smtp://user:[email protected]:25/

export MAIL_FROM=’Example Wekan Support

5) Save with Ctrl-o Enter and after that exit with Ctrl-x

6) Allow port 80 and start Wekan:



7) Access Wekan at your network with IP address of VM, for example

More details of settings at: