Wekan fork and Nextcloud in Xubuntu Desktop in VirtualBox

2017-01-17: Release 2 of VM.

Known bugs




Use 7zip (Windows) or p7zip (Linux etc) to unarchive.

Download link is shared Google Drive file, click with left mouse button.

Wefork-Nextcloud.vdi.7z - size 2 GB, contains Wefork-Nextcloud.vdi that has current size of 7.9 GB and maximum growable size of 500GB. You can enlarge it with VBoxManage command and then starting with LiveCD iso deleting logical swap and extended and resizing and creating extended and inside it logical swap.

Install VirtualBox

VirtualBox is available for example Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris from:

How to use

1) In VirtualBox, add for example:


If you select NAT to keep virtual machine using same address as your server:


Then you can also setup port forwarding to Wekan VM port 8080:


2) Start VM

Read .txt file on Xubuntu desktop, it contains passwords, instruction how to enable remote access to SSH, webserver etc.