Original Wekan 0.10.0 in Docker in VirtualBox

2016-10-06: Release 1 of VM.

VirtualBox image contains Ubuntu Server 14.04, Docker and Wekan running on Docker.


Use 7zip (Windows) or p7zip (Linux etc) to unarchive.

Download link is shared Google Drive file, click with left mouse button.

Wekan.vdi.7z - size 1.2 GB, contains VirtualBox image and configurations files.

Unarchived size is 5.5 GB.

Install VirtualBox

VirtualBox is available for example Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris from:

How to use

1) In VirtualBox, add for example:


If you select NAT to keep virtual machine using same address as your server:


Then you can also setup port forwarding to Wekan VM port 8080:


2) Start VM

3) Use webbrowser like Firefox or Chrome to login to alternatively:

4) Register your username and password, and then login.

5) You can also ssh to your VM, default port 22:

ssh your-wekan-VM-ip-address

For example: ssh

Username: wekan

Password: wekan

6) Docs for backup and restore of all data

How VM was created

1) Download latest dailyiso of Ubuntu Server 14.04 Trusty

2) Installation settings:

3) Add Docker repo key:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 58118E89F3A912897C070ADBF76221572C52609D

4) Edit repo textfile:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list

5) Add to docker.list textfile and save:

deb ubuntu-trusty main

6) Update:

sudo apt update

7) Install Docker:

sudo apt install docker-engine

8) Add wekan user to Docker group, so that sudo is not needed:

sudo usermod -aG docker wekan

9) Add Docker to start automatically at boot:

sudo update-rc.d docker defaults

10) Reboot sudo reboot

11) Install and start Wekan with Docker, so Wekan runs at port 8080:

docker run -d --restart=always --name wekan-db mongo

docker run -d --restart=always --name wekan --link "wekan-db:db" -e "MONGO_URL=mongodb://db" -e "ROOT_URL=http://localhost" -p 8080:80 mquandalle/wekan

10) When you see “wekan login”, login with:

wekan login: wekan

password: wekan

11) You can see my installation command history including typos with:


12) See this forum post for getting VirtualBox started automatically at Windows boot

Next version: How to install working older Wekan version 0.10.0 to current VirtualBox VM

Wekan Docker tag latest aka 0.11.0-rc2 is buggy. When using VirtualBox VM in network Bridged Adapter, using url http://ip-address:8080/ and clicking card details redirects to http://localhost/ address.

There will later be code added to Wekan that migrates 0.10.0 MongoDB data to newer version.

Installing previous Wekan version 0.10.0 to current VirtualBox image:

1) Stop Wekan and MongoDB containers

docker stop wekan wekan-db

2) Remove Wekan and MongoDB containers

docker rm wekan wekan-db

3) Remove Wekan image where container was started from. As a sidenote, you can have many containers started from same image if you need. It’s not needed to remove mongo image because it’s used to start new container.

docker rmi mquandalle/wekan

4) Start MongoDB container.

docker run -d --restart=always --name wekan-db mongo

5) Start Wekan container tag 0.10.0

docker run -d --restart=always --name wekan --link "wekan-db:db" -e "MONGO_URL=mongodb://db" -e "ROOT_URL=http://localhost" -p 8080:80 mquandalle/wekan:0.10.0

Next version: VirtualBox Guest Additions

I added VirtualBox Guest Additions but I have not done anything useful with them yet. VirtualBox starts in CLI mode so copy-paste is not integrated well. It’s still better to login with SSH and copy-paste with with it.

VirtualBox Guest Additions could be used to share a folder from host to be seen inside guest, but files can be also transferred with for example with FileZilla .

FileZilla connect settings:

Server: ip-address-of-VirtualBox-VM (can be seen with Linux command ifconfig on eth0)

Username: wekan

Password: wekan