Wekan in VirtualBox

Wekan is open-source Trello-like kanban board, with different code and graphics. For more info, please see FAQ.

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2017-07-27: Release 15 of VM.

Wekan v0.32, Meteor 1.4 and Node.js v4.x version on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit desktop, Gnome fallback.

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Releases 3-14 removed because of security flaws and outdated software.

2017-01-17: Release 2 of VM.

Wefork and Nextcloud in Xubuntu 16.04.1 desktop in VirtualBox

Known bugs:

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2016-10-06: Release 1 of VM.

Original Wekan version 0.10.0 released 2015-12-22 in Docker in VirtualBox.

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